5 Home Services Business Ideas that Let You Work From Home

Ever thought of starting a home-based business during this pandemic? With the power of the internet and your mobile device, running a full time business or a side hustle is now possible.

All you need are a steady internet connection, a computer, and your winning business idea and you can now operate from the comforts of your own home. You can even take your operations elsewhere!

There are several ways to start a remote business, but the following ideas are the most promising since they only require your existing space and means:

1. Sell Homemade Products

Fond of creating things with your hands as your favourite pastime? Why not monetize it? It doesn’t matter if you craft your products in your living room, in your small studio, or in your kitchen. You can post photos of them online and sell them right from your home.

Put in more effort to make your products cost-effective, high quality, and designed meticulously for the needs and demands of your target customers. Even if it’s a homemade candle, your art, a dessert, pastry, or a clothing line, you can always improve its quality to satisfy your customers.

2. Start a Dropshipping Business

Find a trustworthy dropshipping supplier in your area or overseas. A dropshipper is someone who distributes third party products and shoulders the marketing costs. You can source your products from different suppliers and sell them through your own store. Of course, you need a specific target market. Make sure the products you sell match the demands of your customers.

Some tips on running a dropshipping business:

  • Create great content and excellent customer service.
  • Target an underserved market in your area or other parts of the country or the world.
  • Sell the same products to a new audience.

3. Sell Your Services Online

Share your expertise to the world and earn from it

Most of the time, services are much simpler to sell than actual products. However, you need to devote your time and resources to it. If you’re a writer, designer, or a marketer, try offering consultancy services to a specific audience.

Other services you may want to offer are:

  • Fitness training
  • Virtual assistance
  • Pet grooming
  • Financial planning
  • Web designing

4. Sell Your Preloved Items

You can also serve environment-conscious customers who are all for sustainable shopping habits. Maybe you have used clothing, vintage items, or preloved books lying around in your house. Put them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and create content to attract your target customers.

5. Teach Online Classes

Monetize your skills during this pandemic

Got a skill you think you can share with others? Share that expertise in groups or forums. You can even create a module out of it or host online classes. There’s always an audience for almost all skills that help people navigate their careers better, whether it’s Facebook marketing, writing, or English as a second language.

Teaching a skill gives you the flexibility to either host live classes from your home or sell pre-recorded lectures. Decide on your rates for live courses and recorded lessons in a way that entices customers. If you wish to do live classes, set the class size you can accommodate and the duration of each class.

If you want to do it in small groups, consider one-on-one or mentoring format. For larger groups, conduct bigger training sessions. If you want to do away with face-to-face interaction, create a downloadable ebook or course that contains all the knowledge you have.

As you consider these business ideas, remember to set goals. What are you most interested in? What value do you want to offer to people? And what type of work energizes and motivates you? The answers to these questions should help you narrow down your choices and eventually lead you to building a business that best fits you.

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