5 Local SEO & Digital Marketing Tips for Home Services

Local clients are essential for every business in the home services niche. Whether you’re a plumber, real estate agent, or home renovation specialist, you need to connect and engage with the people in your neighbourhood.

But how do you get local customers to notice you? The first important step is to build an online presence so people can easily find you. Make sure that your website is the very first item they see on the search results page when they Google, “emergency plumber near me” or “affordable landscaping services in Toronto.”

Practice these top 6 local SEO techniques to increase your chances of getting found by prospect customers in your location.

Tip # 1: Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Want Google to list your company in the search results page? Then you need to make your own local business page on the search engine.

Google My Business (or simply GMB) is Google’s online listing where you indicate important information your customers need to know about your business, like your address, contact details, website, and a list of your products or services.

GMB is a free SEO tool for all. To take advantage of it, you’ll need to optimize your Google listing by focusing on the following:

  • Add 3 to 5 category tags
  • Indicate your operating hours
  • Upload high resolution photos of your store or office, products, and your team

Tip # 2: Get Your Name, Address, and Phone Right

Make it easier for your customers to contact you by phone

Did you know that your business’ name, address, and phone number are a great contributing factor to your local rankings? Knowing these key pieces of information can bring the customers right to your door, it’s vital to make them right and accurate across all your pages online (e.g. social media pages, GMB listing, website, etc.).

Tip # 3: Build Local Links

Any solid SEO strategies need a web of backlinks to be successful. Backlinks are external websites referring to your website in their own pages. Every link is a vote of confidence to your site, which signals Google that your website and content are relevant and credible.

One way to get backlinks is to publish informative and helpful blog articles or service pages. You can also reach out to other websites in your industry and pitch a useful article from your site they may want to refer to.

There are a number of tools you can use (most of them are paid) to track the pages that link to your site, like SEMRush or Ahrefs.

Tip # 4: Collect Reviews

Other than backlinks, Google also considers reviews when ranking websites. Quality reviews work in 2 ways; they can impact your ranking and they give potential customers an idea of how well you deliver your products or services.

If you’re already exceeding the expectations of your customers, glowing reviews serve as social proof that highlight your great attributes. But even bad reviews benefit your business in that they help you determine which areas you need to improve on.

Reviews will come eventually, but you can also ask for them through your Google My Business account or sending an email to your clients. When you can, offer them an incentive or discount in their next purchase for leaving a review.

Tip # 5: Optimize for the Right Keywords

The right keywords attract the right customers

Keywords play a huge role in boosting your site’s SEO ranking. Research on the relevant keywords that are likely to bring traffic to your business website.

When listing new keywords, ask yourself: What customer concerns or issues does your business want to address? What are the search terms or phrases that relate to that? As much as possible, aim for long-tail keywords.

Next, produce content that uses these keywords. Avoid cramming all keywords in one content piece, as this can hurt your ranking. Remember to write for your audience, not for search engines. Incorporate keywords in your header tags, file names, and captions.

Need help with executing these SEO techniques in your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with HomeAnother. We can develop an SEO plant tailor-fit to your business needs and goals. Contact us today!