Marketing Your Home Services Business During the COVID Pandemic

There’s plenty of uncertainty in business these days thanks to the COVID pandemic, and that means businesses have to make some changes. It’s vital you overhaul your marketing strategy to help keep your home services business afloat. However, with the right approaches, you can keep successfully marketing yourself and grow your business. Here are some strategies that can make a world of difference to your marketing efforts.

Stay in touch with your customers

1.Communicate with your customers

Now that the current pandemic has shut down its fair share of businesses and infrastructure, your customers need some reassurances from you that things will get better. Take this chance to reach out to your customers and show some empathy. With so many businesses working from home, it also helps to communicate what changes you’ve made to compensate for the crisis (e.g. moving much of your business online).

2.Restrategize your efforts

As a business, you need to be smart about who you market to, and how. The pandemic is a good time to identify new niches you can target. Look into new services clients may take an interest in as a response to the pandemic (e.g. upgrades to their HVAC systems to filter germs). With quarantine still in effect in many places, it may be difficult to find clients in need of renovations to their homes. In that case, use this time to plan ahead for when things normalize. The pandemic won’t last forever, and it helps to start anticipating potential business before that happens.

3.Keep making content

With so many businesses shut down, now is a good time to double down on creating more quality content. It’s a good time to offer some tips on how homeowners can take better care of elements of their homes like the insulation or wiring. Videos are a great option for showing your clients how to do basic DIY home care safely and properly. When making content, make sure it answers basic questions your clients may have when facing the pandemic. Creating content now can give you an edge when things settle down. Other home service businesses will be scrambling to make their own content, when you already have plenty of content ranking well in search results.

Make videos to give customers some hands-on help

4.Share your knowledge

Your home services expertise can work as an effective marketing tool when harnessed. For example, creating videos on basic home hacks is a great way to build trust and credibility with your clients. Sharing this knowledge is also a great way of creating more value for your company. You become more than just a provider of services, you become a value added resource.

Build up your SEO to make yourself more visible online

5.Focus on SEO

SEO is the ultimate tool for improving your online visibility and snagging more traffic. Take the time to optimize your website and content now to lay the groundwork for your SEO strategy. During this interim period, setting up your SEO helps position you to direct more qualified traffic away from the competition and toward your business.

Now more than ever it’s important you spend some time seriously considering your marketing. As you wait for things to normalize, now is a great time to rethink your strategies in preparation for resuming business as usual. For more marketing ideas to help you out, check out Home Another for more strategies to help your business keep its edge.