Marketing Home Services Businesses During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a tough time for businesses. However, while it’s true that many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, there are still plenty of opportunities for home services businesses to grow amid this adversity.

The economy and the business activities that drive it may be at a standstill, but your services are still relevant and in demand. Somewhere in your neighbourhood, there will always be someone who will need home cleaning, plumbing, garden maintenance, home remodeling, or roofing services to make their home life better.

Now, the challenge lies on how you can spread word about your company and the wonderful services you offer. This time is calling you to be more aggressive in your marketing and promotion efforts to put your services where your target customers are.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you. In this article, we summarize the most effective marketing techniques you can execute so your customers can easily find you.

Read on to learn more!

First, Be Online.

Boost your online presence

If you’ve been solely dependent on traditional marketing (print or broadcast ads), word-of-mouth referrals, and piggybacking on projects with your contractor partners, you may have to pour in more effort on digital marketing.

This pandemic has changed how customers are shopping for products and services online. This means their purchasing behaviour and decision making have also evolved. You need to ride this tide. It’s time to adapt to a new marketing strategy that caters to a new breed of customers.

If you haven’t already, build your business website. A functional and user-friendly website is the online face of your company. It has to have complete information about your services as well as your contact details.

Be active on social media, where almost all of the world’s population is.

Create Your Google My Business Profile.

If you want to appear in search queries made by prospective customers in your area, Google My Business (GMB) is one great way to do that.

When someone in your location looks up your services (e.g. plumbing services in London), Google will show your GMB details to match that search. This increases the possibility of users clicking on your business. When they do, they will see all the information they’re looking for and may possibly contact you to book your services.

Your GMB profile is pretty much your online version of a directory listing in the yellow pages. The catch is you have to fully optimize your profile so it can garner more searches, clicks, and views.

Setting up your Google My Business profile is simple. Here are some basic tips:

  • Place keywords in your profile and company description. This is important, as it helps Google and searchers to better understand the nature of your business. Be very elaborate and descriptive about what you do. If you specialize in installing ceiling, underfloor, and wall insulations, make sure to mention that in your description.
  • Upload images to let people know you’re a legitimate business. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Post photos of your store front (if you have), products, and even behind-the-scenes photos. These will help potential customers create an impression of your business. Plus, they help make you stand out.
  • Put your complete contact information. Make it easier for your customers to reach you. Add your business hours, phone number, and email. Also, ensure that there’s someone manning your phones to answer calls.

For more information, here’s a detailed guide on how to create your GMB profile.

Gather Quality Reviews.

Excellent service naturally draws stellar reviews

Potential customers who find your business through search engines don’t know much about you. They can read your detailed company description and click on the photos you uploaded that show the work that you.

However, these don’t give solid proof of how good you are at what you do and what your customers think about your work.

This is why it’s necessary to collect reviews or testimonials. They are similar to word-of-mouth referrals or a vote of confidence. They help build trust in your potential customers. Once they get an idea of your workmanship, it becomes easier for them to decide whether or not to contact you.

Getting reviews is easier when you have a GMB profile. Penned reviews show below your GMB profile, so your customers can have a first impression of your work right when they find you.

That said, customer reviews are powerful. They can make or break your business. It would be best that you ask your previous customers what they think about your services. Have them write a short review about how satisfied they are with your work. You can also send a message to your future customers that directs them to your GMB profile where they can leave their reviews.