Meet The Team

If you are looking for a sincere company with a straightforward vision, turn to us. With our experience and expertise combined, we will surely increase the traffic into your website, build your brand and grow your client base, while you focus all your efforts on running your business. Our team believes that there is a tremendous amount to be discovered and learned in the “real world” of Search Engine Optimization and online advertising services.

We have gathered people of different skillset and now, the HomeAnother consists of four main, solid, dedicated members who are ready to extend their expertise to help build your company online.

What We Can Bring to the Table

We have had an amazing journey that helped us developed our skills and expertise. Now, we are more confident than ever before that we can provide your business with professional and effective solutions in a timely manner. Our team simply draws on our various industry expertise, experience and network to give our clients the most powerful outcomes and be on top of their game. 

So, let us meet the team who will send your business to new heights!


Roger Murphy Vice-President for Sales

Roger takes pride in more than two decades of a successful career in the advertising industry. He is a business administration and marketing graduate. He has earned a Google Certificate with hundreds of hours in digital media training. With his broad experience in the advertising industry, Roger understands the frustrations clients can encounter when running a business. Taking what he had learned from this, Roger has successfully helped more than 6,000 clients increase their revenue. His strong passion for developing scalable advertising strategies has made him the first point of contact for our growing number of clients.

“I believe that there will always be room to do things better to help your clients, and as the frontline of Home Another, it is my responsibility to find a way and give them the satisfaction they are looking for. “ — Roger Murphy


Kayla Klaus Social Media Expert and Accounts Manager

Kayla is Home Another’s resident social media expert whose always on the look for new digital trends. She studied at McMaster University and graduated with Honours in Bachelors of Art in Communications and Multimedia and went to Humber College to pursue a Public Relations degree. With her half a decade of experience in digital marketing, Kayla has helped multiple clients build-up and maximize their online presence through various social media channels. She uses these platforms as tools to strengthen the online presence and reach more target customers.

“It is a pleasure to help our clients showcase the best of their brands.” — Kayla Klaus


Ariel Almeda Web Developer

Ariel is a graduate of Information Technology and has worked as a web developer since 2013. As head of the web team, he manages website building, assists technical fixes and development of in-house solutions. He has worked with different clients throughout the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Ariel specializes in WordPress frameworks and is still actively learning the latest web design and development trends.

“Keeping up-to-date with the most current in development trends allows me to create a positive and exciting user experience.” — Ariel Almeda


Billy Jam Caimbre SEO Expert

Billy is the resident SEO team leader at Home Another. He earned a national certification in electronics, making him a qualified computer and consumer electronics expert. Billy holds multiple roles that oversee the strategies of online advertising campaigns specifically designed for each client. With his five years working as an SEO expert, he is responsible for driving and leading client strategy and maintaining high-performance levels across various key accounts.

“As a core member of the team, I am constantly on the look for the latest trends to keep up with the latest trends in online advertising and use it as my arsenal to help clients become the best in their industry.” — Billy Jam Caimbre


What our clients say

We take pride in our work and strive to ensure guaranteed satisfaction.