How to Pivot Your Home Services Marketing during COVID-19

The current pandemic has brought about some sweeping changes over the last few months, and no business has been exempted. Like other businesses, home service businesses have had to make some adjustments to the way they operate (e.g. switching to remote working). One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the need for good marketing. It’s still vital you maintain a strong marketing strategy to stay relevant. Here is a list of ways you can pivot your strategy to help stay prominent in your clients’ minds.

1.Build a page about COVID-19

With so many people worried about COVID-19, one thing that can make a difference is making a dedicated page. Other businesses use these pages to inform the public of what precautions they’re taking to ensure customer safety. For home service business, that can take the form of telling your clients that you’re double checking cleanliness before and after visits to minimize the risk of infection. Include information on what your business is doing (e.g. if you’re dedicating some of your profits to relief efforts).

Make more videos to grab clients’ attention

2.Amp up your visual content

Quarantine is still in effect in some places, leaving many clients stuck at home. Video content is an option that can appeal to people who now have more time on their hands. Entertaining and interesting videos are a dynamic choice for engaging with clients and providing useful information. Try producing videos to help viewers with basic jobs around the house, to name one example.

3.Update your old content

Google generally looks favourably on fresh content, but fresh doesn’t always mean new. Revamp your old content to include new information and adapt it for new trends. Use keyword research tools to compare your old pages to new content ranking for the same keywords. Home care tips are a great place to start updating your content. With so many people stuck at home, they could benefit from useful information that helps keep their house in good condition.

4.Give other content a new purpose

Another way of getting more out of your old content is adapting them into new formats. For example, try taking advice from your blog posts and discussing them on a podcast, or turn them into checklists. More people are finding themselves balancing business with caregiving roles at home, and these formats are a great way to share what you know in a more convenient package. For added effectiveness, use a combination of new formats to reach a wider audience and cater to the needs of more clients.

Focus on long-form content to increase client engagement

5.Create more long-form content

Content is king, as the popular digital marketing wisdom goes. Creating fresh new content is still a major priority to keep your business in the forefront of clients’ minds. Long-form content in particular is a great approach to keeping visitors engaged and improving your conversion rates. Since it’s longer, it’s also a great chance to share your knowledge with visitors and give them greater utility. How-to guides are an especially fruitful approach right now. Educational content is a great way to teach your clients how to solve their own simple problems. Building a library of content now is a strategy that can put you ahead of the curve once consumer spending normalizes in the future.

The pandemic may have brought about some changes, but marketing is still a must-have for your home services business. Keep these ideas in mind to help stay ahead of the curve. Visit Home Another for more ideas to strengthen your marketing and stay fresh as we move forward.